Equinix Plans $163M Data Center in France

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. — The digital infrastructure company Equinix is expanding its data center footprint in France.

Equinix is planning a $163 million International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Paris, according to the company last month. 

The data center, named PA10, will be part of Equinix’s Saint-Denis campus and the company’s tenth data center in Paris. 

Equinix expects the data center to provide global and local companies the ability to connect directly and securely to “the world’s digital economy via comprehensive digital ecosystems.”

The development of PA10 is part of Equinix’s commitment to the French market, supporting the local digital economy and digital transformations

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Paris is the fastest-growing “core metro” in Europe and an important ecosystem for the transport, energy, and utilities sectors, according to the latest “Global Interconnection Index” by Equinix.

Equinix’s next data center in Paris serves to “bolster the country’s digital infrastructure capabilities, providing local and multinational corporations with a foundational source of differentiation and the global platform needed to thrive in today’s digital economy,” said Charles Meyers, president and CEO at Equinix.

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The company is also planning several sustainability projects for PA10, including a heat recovery technology system. The system will recover energy from customer equipment and transfer it to the urban heating network and in turn, heat a local community swimming pool.

The rooftop of the data center will feature a greenhouse with fruits and vegetables. The greenhouse will use a water recovery system and the data center’s heat recovery technology.

Régis Castagné, managing director for France at Equinix, said the company is “spearheading innovations to address the environmental impact of digital.” 

“Indeed, it has become a societal issue that requires, among other things, increased dialogue between industry and local authorities to hasten progress in this area,” Castagné said.

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